August Struggles

I am switching bullet journals at the moment, but the new one hasn’t quite arrived yet. So I am at this awkward in between stage and I feel pretty out of control to say the least. I have previously used a blank sketchbook as my bullet journal. It was 10″x8″ and I was in love with it, until I realized all my lines were crooked and I wanted more space. Photos included for proof.. 

Weekly spread
July monthly spread

So I did some extensive research and ended up customizing my own Erin Condren book. It will be 8 1/2″x11″ and has dot grid pages. I am so excited! I have about a million ideas on how to organize it, my themes and everything else that goes into it. 

One feature I am excited to include is little quotes I printed out and will put with very month and on every weekly spread. Previously I had my future log, collections, monthly spread and weekly spreads. In this new journal I will have a future log, monthly spread, weekly spreads and a new feature — daily spreads. Since I will be starting school in September, and moving the month of August I will need to be super organized. I have a full page’s worth happening every day so its time for daily spreads! I will continue with my spending/saving tracker on my monthly spread as the only real tracker I have. 

In my daily spreads I will keep my mood, food and workout spaces for listing and reflecting. I will add a time breakdown of my day along with a to do list. My weekly spreads will have a brief to do for each day, any weekly reminders and a notes spot. My monthly spreads will have a welcome to the month, a calendar, a goals, savings/spending, and a words to remember. At the end of each month I want to have a page for notes, favorites, scribbles and other brain dump things. 

So, those are my many plans and I cannot wait for my new Bullet Journal to come! It’s being delivered Saturday! 


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