July favorites

July was a tough month for me. It was long, exhausting and emotional. But, flowers only grow with a little bit of rain. I left July with a handful of favorites to share with y’all. 
Best Friends

    Always a favorite of mine. I’m so grateful for those who supported me this month and gave me the energy to keep keepin on. 
My bullet journal

    I continued to stay organized and relatively sane while I had a very insane month thanks to my bullet journal. 
Home gel manicure kits

    Because I was so busy, and honestly a little broke I am so glad I have my at home gel manicure set so I can keep a good mani!

    I was lucky enough to see two different fireworks shows this month. Celebrating the 4th of July with my local city fireworks and then we went to the Aquatennial Celebration fireworks downtown where it was a 25 minute show, sponsored by Target and set to music. It was beautiful. 
Days off

    Granted, I didn’t have many of these this month but it makes me appreciate it so much more!! 
Breathe bracelet

    A gift from a friend reminding me to stop and breath every once in a while. It’s good for us all to take in life. 
Maybelline New York BB Cream 

    Summer is too hot for full foundation, so my favorite sheer, light coverage go to is the Maybelline BB cream. It’s got SPF and combined with some concealer, brows and mascara it’s a full makeup look for 90° weather. 
Gluten free brownies

    I try to eat mostly gluten and dairy free because I have mild intolerances to both of them. I recently found some good gluten free brownies that are just killer and I have to say, I’m addicted. 
While it may have been a long, stressful month for me, there still was much to be grateful for and much to love. I’m ready to see what August brings with a family camping trip, concert, and moving away from home. 


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