August: Plan With Me

Ok wow, so it's like two weeks into August before I got to my full Plan With Me.. wow that's embarrassing. But I have a reason! I was waiting for my new bullet journal to arrive in the main and FedEx lost it for a little while and it was just a mess and so... Continue Reading →

It is here!

So I've been waiting for weeks and FINALLY my new bullet journal arrived!  We had a little issue with FedEx, and delivery took an extra 4 days. I was ridiculously anxious, believe me. Anyways.. without any further ado.. my new bullet journal! I am so picky, so I ended up designing my own from Erin... Continue Reading →

August Struggles

I am switching bullet journals at the moment, but the new one hasn't quite arrived yet. So I am at this awkward in between stage and I feel pretty out of control to say the least. I have previously used a blank sketchbook as my bullet journal. It was 10"x8" and I was in love with... Continue Reading →

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