July favorites

July was a tough month for me. It was long, exhausting and emotional. But, flowers only grow with a little bit of rain. I left July with a handful of favorites to share with y'all.  Best Friends     Always a favorite of mine. I'm so grateful for those who supported me this month and... Continue Reading →


Time for that cheesy list of New Year's resolutions! 2016 was rough with high school drama and all, but I had some highlights for sure. 2016 was the year I found my political voice. It, by far, was the best thing that could have ever happened to me.  I also found how filled with hatred some... Continue Reading →

2016 in a playlist

Jan: Oscars were “too white”, Flint Water Crisis, David Bowie died We started off the year after a rough end of 2015. We were so hopeful for a better year, as Kylie said, it was going to be the year of “realizing things.” We just wanted to party. A Little Party Never Killed Nobody: Fergie... Continue Reading →

A much needed Festivus

Festivus, my favorite day of the year when I can unapologetically rage about anything and actually have a valid excuse. To celebrate, here are a few of my grievances. Adah’s Airing of Grievances The fact that we still don’t have term limits. It is 2016... time to end the reigns of Nancy Pelosi and Mitch... Continue Reading →

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